Short stories: The Vagrant

The Vagrant

It wasn’t the first time he had walked these streets. In fact, it was something he had done often, every morning for many years. It was only one block from the financial and commercial district but it was a different world. Rich and poor are neighbours, living together side by side in peace. Still, he could never shake that eery feeling, walking down this neighbourhood at the crack of dawn by himself. He looked up Continue reading “Short stories: The Vagrant”

Little Masters in the art of procrastination

A Masterclass

I thought I had done it. So much practice, refinement, after hours and hours, years even: the art of procrastination. An untidy front yard, a semi painted lounge room, and dozens of half-finished writing endeavours are testament to this skill I had nurtured and mastered over the years. Until the 5 and 7-year-old gave me their masterclass. Continue reading “Little Masters in the art of procrastination”

5 tips to reduce financial stress right now

Say no to financial stress

Financial stress is often the type of stress with the most impact. Arguments over money often cause relationship issues, countless sleepless nights and can literally break your family apart.  Even if you are in a very tight spot, fear not there is a way. There’s tonnes of books out there about making you rich, which is not for everyone. If everyone was rich, it would not be called rich would it? But being able to sleep at night, not having to worry about the next bill or unbudgeted expense is within everyone’s reach. Continue reading “5 tips to reduce financial stress right now”

Welcome to our new blog! Our first post and we’re excited…

We are super excited to launch our blog For a long time it was dabbling, tinkering with different social media, blogs and writing etc. But finally, we’ve decided to pull it all together in this what will hopefully be an entertaining and adventurous blog! With this blog we will share our adventures, our tips and tricks through good (and bad) experiences to reduce the most evil things of all that is attacking families all over the world: Stress.

Continue reading “Welcome to our new blog! Our first post and we’re excited…”